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Food & Beverage

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sweets Liwa Dates 30 ALD-6297000140896
Picture of Liwa Creamy Filled Chocolate- Dates ( Gift Box) 160Gm
beverages KAF 60 KSC-KDCB-9
Picture of KAF Coffee Brazil Eldorado Coffee Beans
beverages KAF 60 KSC-KDCB-10
Picture of KAF Coffee Blend Coffee Beans
sweets Liwa Dates 85 ALD-8001016004541
Picture of Liwa Dates Khalas UAE Mezeira Gift Box - Large
sweets Asateer 25 BMB-0603765380167
Picture of Asateer 260G Petitfout Tart Lotus & Hazelnut
sweets Asateer 13 BMB-0603765380433
Picture of Asateer 360G Cocoa Maamoul Dates Box - Pack of 9 Pcs
healthy-snacks Freakin' Healthy 168 BMB-0744702476854
Picture of Freakin' Healthy 80G Hazelnut Butter Bites (4 Pcs) - Pack of 10 Pcs
healthy-snacks Freakin' Healthy 91.88 BMB-0744702476885
Picture of Freakin' Healthy 40G Hazelnut Butter Bites (2 Pcs) - Pack of 10 Pcs
healthy-snacks Freakin' Healthy 10.5 BMB-6291107890623
Picture of Freakin' Healthy 40G Raw Cacao & Chia Seeds Superfood Bar
healthy-snacks Tribeca Health 15 ASA-AD0227
Picture of Tribeca Health X50 Broccoli Chips Sea Salt Flavour - 60G
healthy-snacks Kiwalife 9 ASA-AD0235
Picture of Kiwalife Vegetable Crisps Mix - 70G
healthy-snacks Pändy 10 ASA-AD0238
Picture of Pändy Lentil Chips Cheese & Onion Flavour - 40G
snacks-2 Lolli & Pops 25 EXC-CC55
Picture of Cotton Candy Lolli & Pops Hot Chocolate
chocolates Angelina 114 ANG-AMAC - 110
Picture of Angelina Assorted Macaroon French Box - 9 Pieces
fresh-juice Fit Fresh 14 FIT-FJ034
Picture of Fit Fresh Green Apple Juice
fresh-juice Fit Fresh 13.76 FIT-FJ049
Picture of Fit Fresh Pomegranate Juice
13.76 AED 13.76
chips-snacks-dips Nature's Seeds 68.25 ALS-Cranberry20
Picture of Nature's Seeds 35G Avena Muesli Bars with Cranberry, Cashew Nuts & Oats - Box of 20 Bars
chips-snacks-dips Nature's Seeds 68.25 ALS-Nuts20
Picture of Nature's Seeds 45G Avena Muesli Bars with Almonds, Oats, Walnuts & Raisins  - Box of 20 Bars
tea Emirati Coffee 120.75 ECL-BR100
Picture of Emirati Coffee Roasted Wholebeans Alta Mogiana - 1 Kg
tea Emirati Coffee 189 ECL-EL100
Picture of Emirati Coffee Beans El Salvador - San Jose 2 - 1 Kg
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